PHASE 3: 2016-2020

Yare introduces YareCAST: live video streaming to Google Cast devices


August 15, 2016

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PHASE 3: 2016-2020: Yare Media

Vancouver, BC – Yare Media Group Inc. today announced the launch of its YareCAST video solution suite, supporting delivery of high definition video optimized for large screen playback. The Company leverages Google’s emerging casting technologies to enable specialty sports and entertainment right holders to deliver high quality, long form, lean back media experiences to connected TVs.

Founded in early 2016 by senior media, entertainment and telecom executives, Yare is a new media company specializing in the prioritization and development of effective, low cost and quick to market HD video solutions. Yare customer solutions incorporate innovative business models with proven returns on investment.

“The range of internet devices continues to accelerate; it is very challenging for many sports and entertainment content providers to support the costs associated with reaching every device natively,” stated Yare co-founder and CEO Hugh Dobbie. “Building an app for every device is a complicated and onerous task. Enabling videos on phones and tablets to cast live HD video to large connected TVs can save content distributors a lot of money.”

eMarketer’s first-ever device-specific breakout of connected TV usage indicates that price is a huge determining factor for consumers as well, as evidenced by the growth curve of Google’s low cost streaming stick with a 50% jump in users in 2015 and over 3.2 million units shipped in Q1 of 2016. In just 3 years 30 million units have been sold.

Yare predicts that users will continue to embrace new technologies that enable and enhance the delivery of live video from handheld devices to large screen TVs. “For smaller programmers the challenges to build out applications on multiple device types is simply not economically feasible,” offered Yare EU President Ing. Kurt Gatringer. “With some TV manufacturers now incorporating Google Cast support into their 4k devices, we are already seeing consolidation starting to occur.”
With staff in Vancouver, Toronto and Europe, Yare also offers a wide range of streaming solutions to entertainment and enterprise organizations.