PHASE 3: 2016-2020

Yare Delivers Record Breaking UEFA 2016 Numbers


July 22, 2016

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STEYR, Austria and VANCOUVERJuly 22, 2016 /CNW/ – Yare Media Group Inc. announced today that the company witnessed record breaking audience numbers this month delivering UEFA games to internet viewers throughout Austria. In conjunction with APA-IT, a subsidiary of the Austria Press Agency (APA). Yare streamed 40 matches during the course of the event, delivering more than 3 million viewing hours to Austrian soccer fans.

All matches were delivered in HD quality with additional bitrate selections to optimize fan experiences on PCs, mobile devices and tablets. Peak viewing within Austria topped 100,000 simultaneous viewers. The Austria versus Portugal and the final Championship games each attracted over 250,000 viewers online.

“With a population of 8.5 million, we are delighted that so many Austrians elected to view the UEFA tournament online. Our previous highs were 35,000 concurrent during the Olympics and 50,000 earlier this year during the Austrian presidential elections,” said Yare EU President Ing. Kurt Gatringer. “We expected bigger numbers, but nothing approaching a threefold increase over the last Winter Olympic audiences. We are clearly witnessing a paradigm shift in the way fans want to see sports.”

“UEFA 2016 was a milestone event for APA,” stated Ing. Wolfgang Ptacek, Head of Electronic Media, APA-IT. “The number of people watching over the internet was a marked increase from previous events. The continuing market proliferation of internet connected devices combined with increases in video quality have created a real alternative to watching television.”

Founded in early 2016 by senior media, entertainment and telecom executives, Yare is a new media company specializing in the development of effective, lost cost and quick to market HD video solutions. Yare customer solutions incorporate innovative business models with proven returns on investment.

With staff in AustriaVancouver, and Toronto, Yare offers a wide range of streaming video solutions to sports, entertainment and enterprise organizations.