Business Building and Investments

Tenor has a dual focus of helping digital media start-ups whilst simultaneously implementing effective investment strategies.  This often means that we provide a combination of expertise, human capital, and financial investment to companies we like as long-term investments.

Whether you are starting a new media company or implementing new growth strategies, we can assist with go to market strategies or help identify and develop new revenue streams. We offer consulting and strategic planning services for media companies and sports rights holders faced with challenges in implementing digital strategies and monetizing their content online.

We also engage in the evaluation, financing, and development of early-stage companies with a focus on disruptive new media and internet technologies. We have a keen interest in bringing new technologies to market. We selectively invest in early-stage companies that do something different or solve problems.

Tenor was formed to service the needs of both start-ups and major media and sports organization grappling with the challenges of monetizing new disruptive technologies – and to assist emerging new media companies implement effective business plans, source financing, and execute successful go to market strategies.

We have a proven track record of success in building businesses.  Read more about our history here.